About Siraphob KNIGHT

Siraphob Knight (/sɪrəpɒb/ /naɪt/) is an experienced journalist in both print and broadcast journalism, specializing in investigative and explanatory journalism. He has proven skills in reporting and writing for international news organisations. He is fully bilingual, speaking and writing English and Thai at a native level.

Siraphob is currently a full-time graduate student at Columbia Journalism School. As a Fulbright scholar, he is attending the program with a focus on investigative and data journalism. He will graduate in May 2018.

Over the past five years, Siraphob had been working full-time at various international news outlets in Bangkok. Before attending Columbia, he was a television reporter for NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation covering news events in Thailand and producing television news features. He was also a freelance investigative researcher for Access Asia. Prior to joining NHK, he had worked for the English-language service of dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency) as a junior correspondent and for Reuters as an editorial assistant.

While working in Thailand, Siraphob has covered several major news events such as human trafficking and forced labour investigations, Rohingya refugee crisis, surrogacy scandals, Koh Tao murders, the passing of King Bhumibol and the succession of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, the 2015 Bangkok bombing, and the 2014 military coup.

He has published hundreds of news stories and features in various publications and news websites across Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. His articles have appeared in major newspapers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East such as the Bangkok Post, The Nation, Borneo Bulletin, Oman Daily Observer and Gulf Times.

For the undergraduate studies, Siraphob attended Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and Sciences Po in Paris studying journalism, integrated marketing communications and international relations. During his time at both universities, he was heavily involved with the school publications – CHASE and The Paris Globalist – as an editor-in-chief and a writer. He graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Management with first class honours.

Please visit the portfolio page to see some of the stories he has written, and the Vimeo gallery for some of his broadcast work. Visit the CV page for more information on professional experience and education.

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About this website

This website started out as a travel blog but it has grown to become a website for news feature-style articles as Siraphob became a professional journalist. It also serves as Siraphob’s online portfolio showcasing some of his writing samples.

The majority of its content is about Thailand and the neighbouring countries with an occasional travel-related content. All of the content featured on this website is written by Siraphob. Most of the stories have been published in various print and online publications or websites. Some however are published exclusively on this website.

One of Siraphob’s passions is travelling, the travel map page is dedicated that. To see photos from his travels, please visit his public Instagram page at @siraphobknight or click on the Instagram icon in the social media tab.

For collaboration on any projects or stories, please use the contact form or email him at contact[at]siraphobknight.com.